New Conservatory or Greenhouse ?


At we provide high quality mist propagation equipment for the serious amateur using equipment the professionals use.

This equipment is normally supplied for commercial greenhouse applications and is often installed on a large scale using 'industrial' fixings and fittings.


The mist watering equipment suplied by us still contains the same delivery and control products but fitted with attractive copper and brass so that it may be used in 'living spaces' and areas where it will be on show in your home.


So whats available...

  • Brass fine jet mist nozzles suitable for up to 1m wide benches
  • Copper connecting pipes and adapters cut to the correct length and simply glued together using the latest technology
  • Brass electric valves with metal threaded fittings
  • Metal water filters to protect the nozzles from blockage
  • A simple Mist Control Unit to control the frequency of watering and connected to...
  • An electronic leaf installed amongst the plants to control when watering takes place
The mist propagation system comes with everything required to assemble and install. All you will need to do is connect the threaded fitting on the filter to a suitable water supply (mains pressure is sufficient), plug the controller to a power socket and switch on.


What do I do next...

 Measure the length of the bench to be watered, It can be a maximum of 1m wide.

             For up to a 1m long bench you need the kit with 1 nozzle - MP1C


             For up to a 2m long bench you need the kit with 2 nozzles - MP2C


          For up to a 3m long bench you need the kit with 3 nozzles - MP3C


             For up to a 4m long bench you need the kit with 4 nozzles - MP4C


        For up to a 5m long bench you need the kit with 5 nozzles - MP5C


Choose your kit...

All prices include VAT and delivery to a UK mainland address. A signature will be required upon delivery and your goods will be recieved normally within 7 days.


All kits include, copper pipe (1m and 1/2m lengths) copper connection fittings, brass solenoid valve, brass filter, brass hosetail to 1/2" hose, mist control unit, electronic leaf with 5m cable, jointing compound and pipe cutter. A full set of assembly instructions is included with each kit.


All prices include VAT and delivery








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Important Note                   

If your water pressure is low and you are not sure the system will work, you can purchase a MistPro 1 pump unit capable of operating six mist jets.




Supplied with a a small tank with a ball float valve to connect to your water supply and complete with all the necessary connection fittings to connect to your system. The unit automaticallt starts and stops when the system switches on. It plugs into a standard 13 amp socket.


 Price for the MistPro 1 pump unit set £504.00

 including VAT and delivery


Customers previously purchasing the Mist System will be entitled to a 10% discount on the purchase of the pump. This will enable the system to be tried without the pump prior to purchase if required.


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 Professional mist propagation equipment designed for your 'living space' 



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