Soil Warming


Soil Warming Cables when placed within a propogation bench will raise the soil temperature improving the germination of seedlings and the rooting of cuttings.


Attached to a Rod Themostat installed within the bench and connected to the mains supply, the soil warming cable will maintain a constant temperature to encourage healthy and vigorous germination.

When used in conjunction with a mist propogation system the plants will further benefit from both warmth and regular water application.


Soil warming cables come in various lengths dependent upon the size of propagating bench and the heating required. Typically for propagation purposes and to mainatin the correct temperature the rule of thumb is each suqare metre of bench requires a minimum of 150 watts.


Cable requirement details are given below:




Beds should nevr be constructed of insulated materials such as peat, vermiculite, fibre or ash etc. These materials will cause the cable to overhat. Sand is the best medium and it should be kept damp at all times. Plant trays should be packed tightly together on the bench. Pots should be buried 0.6cm into the sand. The spaces between can then be packed with peat to conserve the heat if required.


The Rod Thermostat controls the temperature of the bed and is adjustable. Typically installed above the cables it is adjustable and avoids the bed getting too hot, Simply fixed to the bench wuth the serews provided the sensor is placed within the soil or sand. Being mains powered we recommend the installation of the unit to be carried out by a competent electrician.


The price of the Rod Thermostat is £85.00

Including VAT and Delivery



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Typically for Hot Beds the cables are laid 15 to 20cm below the soil or sand.


For Propogation the cables are laid 4 to 5 cm below the soil or sand.


Loop the cable evenly across the beds avoiding sharp bends. DO NOT allow the cable to cross itself